Deep Back Boxes – UK & US (J)

Designed specifically for situations where a standard depth is not deep enough.​

We manufacture 1,2 & 3 Gang 75mm Metal Surface Boxes to​ UK & US specifications. UK Black or White powder coated back box with a standard 75mm depth in stock; other colour options and depths are available by special order.​​

US, otherwise known as American J Boxes are made to order to your required depth.​

Our powder-coated 75mm deep metal back box ensures good quality of signal processing and extension to be used in all types of installations.

Central cutout and trunking entry points on all sides that can be easily removed with a hacksaw.

Lectern wedges are also available to the same high-quality finish.​

Typical box dimensions are:​
UK 1g 86 x 86 and UK 2g 146 x 86. Most plastic boxes have a maximum depth of 47-50mm we stock on the shelf UK spec 75mm deep.​

US 2g 115 x 114 USA 3g 162 x 114​

As manufacturers we can produce standard box dimensions as above but to the depth you require, please call for more information regarding UK and US (J) boxes. ​

Whatever the project or connection requirements, you have the perfect solution.​

Get in touch to discus your requirements. email