Deep Back Boxes – UK & US (J)

Designed specifically for situations where a standard depth is not deep enough.​

We manufacture 1,2 & 3 Gang 75mm Metal Surface Boxes to​ UK & US specifications. UK Black or White powder coated back box with a standard 75mm depth in stock; other colour options and depths are available by special order.​​

US, otherwise known as American J Boxes are made to order to your required depth.​

Our powder-coated 75mm deep metal back box ensures good quality of signal processing and extension to be used in all types of installations.

Central cutout and trunking entry points on all sides that can be easily removed with a hacksaw.

Lectern wedges are also available to the same high-quality finish.​

Typical box dimensions are:​
UK 1g 86 x 86 and UK 2g 146 x 86. Most plastic boxes have a maximum depth of 47-50mm we stock on the shelf UK spec 75mm deep.​

US 2g 115 x 114 USA 3g 162 x 114​

As manufacturers we can produce standard box dimensions as above but to the depth you require, please call for more information regarding UK and US (J) boxes. ​

Whatever the project or connection requirements, you have the perfect solution.​

Get in touch to discus your requirements. email


The clipiT range saves time and money while ensuring all connections and related cables are in place when needed.

The perfect example of functional design and fabrication to overcome missing or lost cables and protects against accidental pulled leads and damage to wires and connections.

Initially designed for the education sector, where the client needed to reduce downtime and the costs associated with constantly replacing leads and cables in AV wall plates situations, the ClipiT isn’t limited to AV and can be an addition to any electrical sockets.

The ClipiT products are currently available as UK 1 and 2 gang versions (Bespoke sizes can be manufactured). The removable ClipiT bar is secured with M3 screws, allowing cables to be replaced quickly and easily if a failure occurs, securing them in place and avoiding their disappearance.

A cost-effective solution.

They are perfect for protecting leads and ensuring uptime while reducing the costs for replacement leads, whatever type of business or facility you have. Great addition as part of an AV installation or used for other sockets where cables or leads are required.

Retrofit or at point of installation.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to protect equipment and reduce the nuisance of missing or lost leads, then ask your AV or Electrical supplier and installer to use ClipiT from AV Plates when specifying your project, or upgrade to ClipiT and have them retrofitted to any existing installations

Want to know more about ClipiT, Feel free to get in touch with AV Plates.

A short specific education sector ClipiT case study

Lunch and Learn

Lunch and learn is our way of bringing the exhibition to you.

Lunch & Learn is a personalised event we bring to your premises for your sales, technical and purchasing teams during lunchtime or a pre-arranged time to suit you. Choose an invite-only for specific team members or a drop-in for all of your staff. As always, we can make it bespoke to suit you.

Your teams will be able to see first-hand how you can offer bespoke custom-designed, fabricated and manufactured solutions for your current and potential customers' other requirements that they cannot readily find in the marketplace.

And of course, the extensive range of quality branded connected custom AV Wall, Desk, Floor and Rack-mounted plates, that AVPLATES is well known for manufacturing and supplying.

Bespoke AV connectivity plates.

Enabling your teams to offer bespoke, custom and branded plates to match your client's wish lists with the knowledge, understanding and ability to provide a solution while with the client. Having the confidence to say "yes, we can offer the perfect solution" to any questions regarding AV plate connectivity will enhance your teams' opportunities to sell.

Bespoke, custom, design, fabrication, and manufacturing solutions that are not readily available in the marketplace.

How can this help you?

As you are saying your "see you next time goodbyes", the customer asks:

"Could you provide some protection for the large speakers in the GYM? Unfortunately, we can't find a suitable solution that will work. Do you know anyone?"

"We need a solution to stack a large number of Sky boxes safely and securely on a Yacht. But, unfortunately, we can't find quite what we need. Can you do that?"

Or another request that appears to be unrelated to your typical AV installation or a product you can provide.

Can you be the one that says YES, the one that provides a solution to their perceived unsolvable problems, be their go-to person? Can you add more value to your offering and increase the sale?

So customer will not need to go to another provider or search to solve their problems elsewhere.

See the below link to some case studies where we have provided the complete solution for bespoke designed and manufactured products.

Lunch & Learn will help you say yes.

As designers and manufacturers, AV plates have and can provide bespoke fabrications that solve your customer's problems, giving them what they believe they cannot obtain. So why wait until they ask? Instead, learn how you can offer that service, that you are a solutions provider and the right person to do business with.

Your monthly sales meetings or quarterly event is a perfect opportunity for a pre-arranged Lunch & Learn, or any day of the week that you wish, at lunchtime or any other time—no need to wait for events to be open. Arrange your own. We are sure you will find it beneficial.

And there's more...
We will buy lunch!!

Sandwiches or Pizza
You choose what you want on your plate!

Contact AV plates to find out more and book your very own Lunch & Learn

How we said "yes". See below bespoke fabricated case studies.

Bespoke Fabrication

Breakthrough Company of the Year – AV Awards Finalist 2016

Finalist at the AV Awards 2016

AVPlates is a Finalist at the AV Awards 2016

Nominated as “Breakthrough Company of the Year”

As a valued customer we would personally like to thank you for your custom and giving us the opportunity to prove our commitment to you.

We continually strive to design & deliver the best stock and bespoke AV products with exceptional service.  We utilise our experience and dedication to develop and provide great advice & products that add real benefit & value for our customers.

Testament to our commitment to our industry and our customers, is our nomination for “Breakthrough Company of the Year” at this years’ AV Awards.

All other awards are awarded by an expert panel; this new award is won by voting. If you would like to take few seconds to vote for AV Plates we would very much appreciate it.

It’s simple, click below to go to our profile in the AV magazine website. Click the vote now button in that page, select AV plates from the list and fill in few details and submit your vote.

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Thank you again for your custom, and intern

helping us double our customer base this year.

We very much appreciate your time in casting your vote for AVPlates to win “Breakthrough Company of the Year”

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Welcome to our new website

av plates new responsive site


You may have noticed that things are looking a little different …

New Brand

First and foremost, we have updated our brand! Our new brand reflects the way AV Plates has grown since its conception, and in line with the design and custom services we provide when manufacturing our high quality AV products for the trade.  The modern clean and professional style will be carried through all aspects of the business to reflect the positive changes and additional services we now offer you, our customers.


AV Plates before and after


New website

We have also developed our new website, packing it full of useful information, and making it easier than ever to shop with AV plates. You can now find out more about all the services we offer, in what sectors we specialise, and see more of what we are up to through our gallery and blog.


Purchase online

You may have noticed the addition of our product section too, where you can buy a range of in stock plates. You’ll be able to browse and purchase some of our most popular AV wall, floor and rack plates, and easily purchase online.


Bespoke and custom AV Plates

But don’t worry, we still offer bespoke and custom design services, along with our online custom AV Wall plate designer, where you can design the exact wall plate you need from scratch. Choosing you plate finish, layout, connectors, termination and being able to add branding or a personalised sales message, you can create something that truly fits your, or your clients project requirements.


We’d like to thank The Marketing People for working with us to create our new brand and design and develop our new website. We have worked with them previously on our email campaigns, and when the time came to update our website, we knew who we should call upon. We believe the site and brand now shows us as the company we are, rather than what we were, and has given us the opportunity to promote our services effectively. Thank you to all those who have referred AV Plates, the new brand and website will help you when referring in the future.


We’d love to hear what you think of our new look, and the new website, so please let us know in the comments below, or give us a call on 01827 818 232.