The clipiT range saves time and money while ensuring all connections and related cables are in place when needed.

The perfect example of functional design and fabrication to overcome missing or lost cables and protects against accidental pulled leads and damage to wires and connections.

Initially designed for the education sector, where the client needed to reduce downtime and the costs associated with constantly replacing leads and cables in AV wall plates situations, the ClipiT isn’t limited to AV and can be an addition to any electrical sockets.

The ClipiT products are currently available as UK 1 and 2 gang versions (Bespoke sizes can be manufactured). The removable ClipiT bar is secured with M3 screws, allowing cables to be replaced quickly and easily if a failure occurs, securing them in place and avoiding their disappearance.

A cost-effective solution.

They are perfect for protecting leads and ensuring uptime while reducing the costs for replacement leads, whatever type of business or facility you have. Great addition as part of an AV installation or used for other sockets where cables or leads are required.

Retrofit or at point of installation.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to protect equipment and reduce the nuisance of missing or lost leads, then ask your AV or Electrical supplier and installer to use ClipiT from AV Plates when specifying your project, or upgrade to ClipiT and have them retrofitted to any existing installations

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A short specific education sector ClipiT case study