About Us

We specialise in face plate and custom panel manufacture, enabling you to specify exactly what you or your clients require.

AV plates have over 20 years of experience within the AV industry, and we design, manufacture, supply and install custom plates across the UK.

Installing all types of AV systems, from interactive whiteboard systems in schools, high end control systems in corporate boardrooms, and aesthetically pleasing installations in home environments; has allowed us to identify best practices and better installation methods.


The perfect plate for you

Unlike most plate providers, our main focus is custom made plates, so they are the plates that you need, rather than the plates you will have to make do with.

Within our years in the industry, we found a complete lack of bespoke panels and plates, and we found we were always making do with what was available, sometimes having to place 2 or 3 plates together to concoct our range of required connections. We began producing simple wall plates for each job as required, which soon became producing plates for other re-sellers and companies, before escalating to who we are today.

You can now be sure that for whatever your project, you can find, consistently high quality, always well designed, and professionally installed plates. We'll save you money by ensuring your plate is right the first time round, so there are no need for re-fits or re-designs that become a unexpected cost. We can even match the finishes of your existing plates, to provide you with a consistent and professional look.


Rigorously tested

We pride ourselves on the quality of our plates, which go through rigorous testing before reaching our customers. Our years of installation experience, can leave you assured we test our plates to their full practicality, not just for their cosmetic values. Our own experiences within the industry also allow us to offer practical advice on your plates, rather than the usual generic sales jargon.


Experts always on hand

As a trade AV installation company, we share the benefits of our experiences and knowledge. Whatever you need to know for a successful install, from the appropriate cabling managements, to the best way to terminate splitters and switchers, our expert team are on hand to help you with your requirements.

Looking for high quality, custom plates? Contact our team today to see what we could do for you.