Our custom plates allow us to work across a number of sectors.

Add to this our technical knowledge and years of experience, and it is easy to see why we can still provide a high level of service, no matter the project.

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The education and training sector is one of the biggest environments we cater to.

We recognise that particularly primary education establishments tend to have a more cost sensitive approach. Therefore our plastic range fits the bill. The plastic range offers the same functionality and versatility as other finishes, but can be produced at a lower cost. Manufactured from a tough material manufactured by Crabtree, we are able to offer a rigid and strong finish.

Higher education establishments often require more functionality than a standard plate. Bespoke designs are more common, catering for additional connections, although the finish can usually be the same.

You can see some of our previous work in our case studies, or contact us directly to talk through your specific requirements.

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Being personal environments, aesthetics are at the top of the agenda when home AV installations occur. Over time, we have found that the most popular service that we offer for this sector is the ability to batch existing plates.

By obtaining the make and model of existing sockets around the home, we can obtain a blanking plate from the manufacturer, we can then use this as the starting point for your panel. The finished product therefore matches throughout the property.

Another popular product, although not unique to home sectors, is our rack panel design and manufacture. Taking standard sized rack panels, we can personally brand equipment cabinets, this can allow subtle dealer point of contact details.

You can view some of the work we have completed for home installations in our case studies, or speak to one of our team about how we can help with your home's AV plates.

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Installations in corporate environments, including meeting spaces and boardrooms need to have a professional approach to aid their functionality.

Many projects that we have undertaken, will typically include termination panels installed within floor boxes, these can be produced using the manufacturer’s blanking plates, ensuring that all plates in the floor box match. Alternatively we can manufacture angled floor plates, which allow the connections to be accessed at an angle, allowing the floor box lid to shut.

We also produce many surface mounted pods which facilitate connections on a meeting table or boardroom tables, these intern will connect into the floor.

Take a look at some of the projects we have worked on in our case studies, or contact our team directly if you wish to discuss a particular need.