Custom AV Plates

With in-house design and manufacture, we are able to create the perfect custom plate for your installation.

In the early years of AV plates, we struggled when looking to acquire custom made installation products, particularly custom termination panels, which is when we realised we should develop our own manufacturing facility, to aid us, and other installers, when looking for that perfect plate.

A decade later and we are able to pass on the benefits of our experience and knowledge, by offering bespoke and branded products to anyone. This experience has also enabled us to develop a range of essential AV Wall plates, Floor Plates and Rack panels. Offering online buy now essential stock plates with the most popular connection combinations used in many installations. With options for plate finish, VGA & Audio termination type and branding, even our stock plates offer customisation. You can view these in the PRODUCTS section of this website.

Our website offers an intelligent tool which anyone can use for free, to design their own custom wall plates, to ensure they are exactly as you want. You can create your plate straight from the website, whether you're on site, at the office, or at home. Visit our WALL PLATE DESIGNER section and see for yourself.

As our manufacturing process is in-house, we can design and create almost any plate, so if you don't see what you need in our buy now essential stock plates, or can't create it in the plate designer, you can speak to one of our experts, who can advise and design your perfect plate.

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Bespoke AV Plates made to your specifications.

With a choice of termination options including, solder, tails, screw terminal and practically any other termination, and the ability to match any existing plate finishes, we can make a plate that could only be created for your project, and get it to you in good time too.

Call our experts now, and let us help you design the perfect product.

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Branding allows your plates to fit in seamlessly with your current design, and maintain your, or your clients look and brand through the venue or building.

We can place any logo on your desired plate, and have a variety of printed or engraving options to suit you.

We can also add connector labels and contact details if you require.

So why compromise when you can have the AV Plate you need?

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Design your own AV Wall Plate

Get you really need with our purpose built wall plate tool.

Choose plate finish
Choose layout
Choose connector/s
Choose termination
Choose branding

Don't settle for a plate that will do, when you can get the plate that you need.