Center Parcs Case Study

Quadrant Events a corporate reseller recently presented a request to us, like no other!

Compact and easy to use was the scope - how to manage 3 devices in one containment.

Installing a new system into the conference facilities of Center Parcs’ Sherwood Forest site, presented a situation where projection and audio requirements needed to be integrated.

The Client required a Kramer Sid-X2N scaler to be installed, this allowed presenters to connect to any connection from, VGA, HDMI, Display Port and DVI, to be distributed over HDBT to a projector. Also microphone connections for a Cloud audio system needed to be provided, this was also distributed over twisted pair using a Cloud ME1.

We looked at various ways to house these units, whilst taking into account the required versatility for users that potentially had little or know technical knowledge. Therefore we designed a containment to house the Sid-X2N and connected to the front panel via short patch cables. We then removed the front facia plate from the Cloud ME1, revealing the required electronics, we duplicated the footprint of the facia plate to our new panel for it to be integrated.

The containment fulfilled all requirements, it gave complete versatility to connect to the required input for Audio/visual presentations, also allowing the connections of microphones with individual volume attenuation for user control.

The Venue is now installed with 2 containments allowing presentations from either side of the stage.

centre parks case study first image

Centre Parks case study second image

Centre parks case study third image

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